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Tour given by Kristin Kokkila

We will not be giving out the address to any residence in this tour

Welcome 2 the Prince Tour!

This is the info following along with the LIVE broadcast that Kristin Kokkia gave on a Facebook Live Feed. Enjoy and feel free to add info in comments.


Take The Prince 360 Tour!

Click the picture below and transport yourself to First Ave. Minneapolis.

( Photo by Kristin Kokkila )


Purple Rain House

Any Prince fan or anyone that was around in the 80s would probably be able to tell you where this house was from. This nice little house sits in an area that appears to be a place  you might not want to go to at night alone as a tourist. Although it sold in 2015 for a cool $117,000.00 it did come with some recommended restoration request. At 1,348 sq ft. It has 3 Beds and 1.5 bath. Built in 1913 the house has seen its fair share of days. Sorry to disapoint all you Prince fans but there is no basement entrance as shown in the movie. The House has been owned by the N.P.G. since 2015.



Prince Childhood Home

Neighbors recall seeing them playing music up on the roof of this small house that was built in 1940. This house is now up for Historic Designation by the city. A plaque may be placed at this site in the future.

Andre Cymone's Childhood House

( Photo by Kristin Kokkila Photography )

Prince's longtime childhood friend and bandmembers home was built in 1904. It has been kept up well and is currently a rental.

UPDATE... After some research it appears that Prince owns this house.

Electric Fetus

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Prince was known to frequent this peoples choice music store with it's wood floors that creek when you walk across them. Authorized to sell the program from the Piano and Microphone tour ( taken all the orders they can at this time ) makes them a special spot and destination for any Prince fan.

First Ave. & 7th street Entry

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Other than the Purple Rain house another famously known structure is First Ave. This club was featured in the movie Purple Rain as the make it or break it in the music industry for the Kid, (Prince). Prince was known to try new material from time to time here. The club is still a hot spot to go to catch up and coming bands.

Old Purple House

It's hard to find any pictures of Prince's old Purple House although I used to have a picture that was in an old Rolling Stone magazine.

Prince's Old Yellow House

Prince's Old Yellow House was torn down in what we believe was 2007. This was featued in the video Prince released with all the Gett off songs. Gangsta Glam was filmed in the pool area with the NPG on roller blades.

Paisley Park

Prince wanted a place where he could do all his music, make films, do tour rehearsals and dance. Thats exactly what he got with Paisley Park.With the offices that are to the left of the front door and are known to have microphones placed around  for Prince to hear. Prince's living quarters is on the 2nd floor. When entering Paisley Park you were able to check your cell phone instead of leaving it in your car. The movie Graffiti Bridge was filmed here at Paisley Park along with many music videos. Too much info to list here.

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