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Paisley Park Records was started in 1985. It was funded and distributed by Warner Bros. Records following the success of Purple Rain. The name came from a song of the same name on Prince's album, " Around The World In A Day ". The label had little commercial success other than Sheila E.'s " Romance 1600 ", Tevin Campbell's single " Round and Round " and the Times's " Pandemonium " along with Prince himself. During Prince's fued with Warner Bros. in 1994, they decided to end it's distribution deal with Paisley Park which led to the label closing.

" Prince wanted to have a place where he could do all his music and make films and do his tour rehearsals and to dance, choreography and everything under one roof, which 25 years ago was quite progrssive. "

Bret Theony - Arhitect

Memorial From Around The World

( Photo by Kristin Kokkila Photography )

With his passing brought many to visit Paisley Park. Bringing flowers,notes, paintings and just to be part of the place Prince lived, recorded and passed on. For the many that could make it to this wonderful place it has been not only a way to grieve but also being able to leave a personal message to Prince and getting some closure. This has also left many others without being able to have closure by not being able to make it to Paisley Park. That's where Kristin Kokkila comes in. After the passing of her brother that lived in another state and knowing what she went through by not being able to be there but getting help from friends and family, she decided to pay it forward and help those that couldn't make it to Paisley Park. In a facebook page called Purple Elegance she offered to take fans personal messages that they send her, re-write them and hang them on the fence at Paisley Park. What started as about 50 has turned into over 500. Not only does she do this wonderful deed but she also takes pictures of each one so the person can see and keep it, she has also been doing live tours of both Paisly Park and places of interest that have to do with Prince. This has helped a lot of people through this tuff time which has led many to call her their " Purple Angel ".

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