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BET Awards

Looks like BET is set to have a special tribute to Prince with Sheila E,, The Roots D'Angelo and more! With time passing and the world focused on the tragedies that took place in Orlando all music and Prince fans could use a good show without forgetting the lives of those lost.

Tax Issue

Reports of a tax issue have come up regarding Prince's assets. Click picture above for the full story.

Prince Day

June 7th will not only be remembered to all Prince fans as the birth of our beloved singer, but now it will forever be known as Prince Day in Minnesota. So far, Houston has been on there game and followed closely behind with there own version of Prince Day that will be on June 7th as well. It is known that Prince no longer celebrated his birthdays but for us fans what better way to remember him then this.


After a long fight with parkinson's desease, Muhammed Ali has passed away today. A great fighter, an outspoken man and an Icon. Tomorrow afternoon a press release will be held to announce funeral plans.

Prince Report Leaked and Released

It all started this morning about 10 am. Reports of a person that wanted to stay un named due to the fact that he didn't have authority to speak to the press, said that Prince died due to an over dose. With no press conference or press release the message went viral. This pushed the medical examiner to release it's official document explaining the test results. Untill we get a full press release I will only post the paper they posted. I will update when more information becomes available.


Prince New Movie " Under The Cherry Moon " Premiere Party!

St. Paul Saints Final Farewell

The St. Paul Saints gave Prince a final farewell on Sunday with several unique tributes. Before the game the players all arrived in Corvettes. wore purple uniforms which were auctioned off at the Elevate Hope Foundation, a charity co-founded by Sheila E. that provides music and art therapy to abused and abandoned kids. The game ended with a purple fireworks show set to Prince music. The Saints say over 10,000 fans attended the special event which was a franchise record.

Disney Fans

Relatives object to genetic testing

Twp people claiming to be Prince's heirs have objected to the blood and genetic test required by anyone claiming to be a relative of Prince. Brener Trust has been authorized to demand any and all claimants to undergo blood and genetic testing to verify a relationship.

The claimants in question are Brianna Nelson, the daughter of Prince's half-brother Duane Nelson and Jeannine Halloran, the adult guardian of Brianna's minor granddaughter Victoria.

The both claim they have already offered alternative proof of blood relationship to Prince.

Billboard Awards


After all the anticipation of how Madonna would do paying tribute to the late great Prince the majority have let there feelings be known and it's not good.

Let's review Madonna's performance.

With repeated promoting throughout the Billboard Awards by both the host and announcer, this was sure to be a great tribute. After having to wait till the end of the show to finally see Quest Love standing alone to deliver what was a heart filled expression of what Prince meant to him on a personal level it seemed that the show was right on track on what Prince fans were hopng for. Well, to put it lightly the show wasn't all it was hyped up to be. Madonna, although I'm sure her heart was in the right place gave a lack luster performance that is sure to go down as a disappointing display of tribute to one of the best performers to ever grace the stage. A story from the heart, a song personally written for what was claimed to be a good friend or a little bit of heart behind her vocals would have done wonders. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope the upcoming award shows respect what he has done for music and honor Prince accordingly.


The Billboard Awards have scheduled Madonna to do the honors of paying tribute to Prince. Petetions aside ( even though signed by thousands ) the show will go on. During the glorious fame of the 80's for Prince there were only a few artist that could come close to Prince, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springstein and Madonna. Although a lot of this would be argued that it was due to the record labels ability to dictate what is played on the radio. All we can do now is brace ourselves for the outcome to be respectful, creative and hope she don't try to sing a Prince song. Now, I know a lot of our Purple family won't be watching, I'll take one for the team and post the results.

Prince and Sheila

Prince Up UR Life!

Click picture to go to Etsy.com and see all the great Prince products for sale!

Prince's Women

Prince has had many dancers that are the total package. Talented and perform with the same intensity as Prince.

Pictured, Diamond and Pearl.

Lawyers Hard at Work

With all the talk of the late Artist leaving no will or trust behind, it looks like there is more going on behind the scenes then we first believed. Between the estate, heirs, unknown amount of recordings and financial responsibilities this story is far from over Click picture for full story.

L.A. Shows Love

This past Friday teh City of L.A. showed respect with a free celebration at the steps of City Hall. With a chance of rain the thousands in attendence didn't seem to care while dancing and singing in the streets of Los Angeles. Dj's spun some Prince classics while members of the N.P.G. performes songs sung by some special guest including; Aloe Blacc, Eric Benet, Stevie Wonder, Faith Evans and Marva King. Anyone that was there could tell you it was a moving experience. To see every different type of people together just enjoying his music and one anothers company was truly magical. His message of having Love 4 One Another was spread through his music and the smiles on everyone's faces.

Family Plans Celebration

While investigations are still underway, the family of legendary rockstar Prince want fans to know no official celebration or memorial has been held yet. They are thankful for all the love and support and remind us that a celebration will be announced in the near future.


No official word has been released yet as to the cause of death. Only one person knows any results from any test that were taken and she is assuring that she has not said anything to anyone about what was or wasn't in his system at the time of death. The rest is all rumors.

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