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Calhoun Square

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Not just a great title to a song off the Crystal Ball cd, Calhoun Square is an actual place to go in Minnesota! Full with shopping and special events this is a great tourist destination.

Purple Rain Facts

Prince's Motorcycle

The Bike Prince rides in the movie is a Hondamatic CB400A automatic with a custom faring, handlebars, seats and sissy bar as well as spoked wheels. For some of the scenes stunt riders rode manual bikes. You can see the clutch in some of these scenes. Prince still did most of all the riding next to a camera truck.


Apollonia was actually married at the time the movie was filmed. She was sworn to secrecy tokeep fans believing that she really had a relationship with Prince.

She was casted as a unknown actress after Prince had seen her appearance in a 1983 episode of " Tales Of The Gold Monkey ".

Morris Day

During the movie Morris says a total of 13 words to Prince, while Prince never says a word to Morris. There was a reported fued between Prince and Morris Day over creative differences. They didn't speak for some time over this. Morris is said to have had a substance addiction and was high for most of production. They had to practically drag him out of his room.

B - Sides

Other than what you hear on the radio, Prince has a whole other world of B - Sides, remixes, Extended versions and music made with the NPG. This is besides the unreleased music that was previously locked away in the vault. Time to test that Prince knowledge, What is the longest version of one song that Prince ever released on vinyl ? Enter your answer on the home page if u know.

Pop Life

Prince was an innovator in many ways. One u might not be aware of is the way he recorded Pop Lfe. Normally he would use an echo effect on selected songs, but thats not the case with this song off the " Around The World In A Day " album. Listen to the song and see if u can guess what he did to achieve this unique effect.

Did U Know...

When Price was 10 years old he danced on stage with James Brown

Prince Sued Over 3121

Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics sued Prince for 4 million back in 2008 after he failed to promote the fragrance 3121 named after hie 2006 album. In 2012 he was ordered to pay 4 million dollars.

Stevie Nicks Writting Purple

Stevie Nicks was first asked by Prince to write lyrics for Purple Rain, but in her words, " It was so overwhelming, that 10 minute track... I listened to it and just got scared, I called him back and said, ' I can't do it, I wish I could . It's too much for me. " The rest is history.


Sex In The Summer


Released November 1996

In an interview Prince did with Oprah, Prince told the story of how he recorded the heartbeat of their unborn child and featured it in the song, " Sex In The Summer ".  Unfortunately the couple would lose their child, " Boy Gregory " a week after he was born. The song can be found on his first album done without Warner Brothers, " Emancipation ".

Purple Rain Almost Not Purple Rain

William Blinn, executive producer of tv series Fame wrote the first draft that was titled, Dreams. Prince didn't like the story and wanted the word purple in it. Talk about a good judgment call.

Did u Know

Wendy and Lisa were actually a couple and had been in a relationship but kept it private. They stayed together for 20 years and there is rumor that scenes of them kissing were deleted from the final cut.

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